You will need
  • Schenyachka on your dog.
Puppy veterinary certificate is issued in any veterinary clinic. There is no need to provide any documentsexcept your passport. Specify the nickname of a dog and its breed. The veterinarian will fill in the document and will give you the veterinary certificate with all vaccinations done.
образец международная родословная собаки
To obtain genealogy, find senacka received from the breeder when buying a puppy. Schenyachka is an official document dogs, valid until the execution of her year and a half. Upon reaching a dog of this age senacka put me on ancestry. If you don't Senacki, contact your breeder with the requirement to give the document a puppy.
родословная для собаки оформление
If a breeder does not give you senacka, check the puppy for the presence of stamps on the abdomen or on the inner surface of the ear. Officially registered dog is required to have the stamp affixed after the birth. When making a litter of their dogs , the breeder must also present in the breeding Commission of RKF it a card that lists all born and prolamine puppies.
должны быть документы у собаки
So a pedigree can be without Senacki, and in fact the presence the most it card, indicating the origin of your puppy. To come personally, in RKF to address this issue and present a document for the sale of your dog. At the request of the handler, provide for inspection by the tribal Commission the dog itself, that there is no doubt that your puppy is precisely from this litter.
какое фото на собачий паспорт
The identity of all data and the presence of a registered litter our database RKF your documents will be taken into consideration. Pay the fee for the registration of pedigree dogs. After one month of RKF will be given a pedigree for your puppy. Now the dog has the right to exhibit at exhibitions and to produce offspring.
как получить ветпаспорт на собачку