You will need
  • - the insurance policy;
  • - driver's license.
There are 2 types of policies insurance: with a limited circle of persons admitted to driving, and without restrictions. In the case of unlimited insurance any driver holding a driver's license and authorization to drive a vehicle, can be allowed to drive a specific car. In the case of insurance with limits of each new driver must pay in the form of the policy CTP.
You should contact the insurance company with which you signed the contract for insurance. Please submit the completed form policy driver's license of the person who will be entered, and a passport. The new driver will enter into the free lines of the policy or on its reverse side.
Verify that the hotfix was necessarily stamped by the insurance company. You must be issued a new insurance policy with all submitted data to replace the old. But often the agents of insurance companies ignore this rule. In this case, make sure that the name of the person listed additionally in the old insurance policy that was entered in a common database.
If the person you are going to fit into the policy of insurance, under 22 years old and has little experience of driving a car the insurer the right to demand from you the payment of an additional insurance premium. The surcharge will be calculated based on the number of days remaining until the end of the insurance. Multiplying factors in this case are the following: if the experience of the driver, entered in insurance, less than 2 years - 15%; if its age is less than 22 years - 20%; if both conditions are not met - 30%.