You will need
  • - plantain;
  • - aloe;
  • - cucumber;
  • - antibacterial shaving foam;
  • - infusion of aloe Vera or chamomile;
  • - calendula flowers.
Firstly, it is necessary to change a disposable razor to a higher quality machine with multiple blades and soothing aloe strip. Pick up germicidal foam (or foam with a content of silicone) that copes with different kinds of lesions on the skin and gives you an opportunity to glide, this will help reduce irritation. Discard the pen, which includes triclosan. After shaving use products containing chamomile extract or aloe.
Before shaving, prepare the skin. Take a shower in order to steam and moisturize the area of shaving. Apply an even layer of foam and leave it for a couple of minutes so she has time to act, because it contains moisturizing ingredients which soften the hair for shaving. After each movement, rinse the razor under a stream of boiling water, this action will not allow the bacteria to move from one skin to another. Hot press is much better slides. Then rinse face with cool water to close the pores.
Prepare a compress from a decoction of calendula. Pour into an enamel saucepan half a liter of water and put on fire. After boiling, add two or three tablespoons of crushed calendula flowers and simmer for fifteen minutes over low heat. Steep for thirty minutes, strain. Soak gauze in the prepared warm decoction and apply to the place of irritation to ten minutes. Store infusion in the refrigerator for three days before applying heat.
Daily wipe the face of fresh juice of plantain (leaves after a good wash with soap). It provides anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the regeneration processes of the skin, has tannins. You can also apply aloe Vera juice mixed in half with the cucumber juice. Wipe cleansed face prepared lotion several times a day. Please refrain for some time from shaving.