How to choose an aftershave

After shave lotion helps soothe the skin, to soften and moisturize it. Most men use this product regularly and no longer represent a comfortable shave without applying lotion.

In order for the lotion to give maximum benefit, you need to learn to pick up the product properly. In this case it is necessary to be guided by the type of your skin and private needs.

For dry skin perfect oily lotion with nourishing and moisturizing additives. High-quality cosmetic will provide the skin adequate care.

For sensitive skin you need to choose the suitable lotion. It will help to relieve irritation after shaving, soothe your skin. Typically, these products are hypoallergenic. For oily and problematic skin is better to choose a lotion with antiseptic additives. In some cases, suitable alcohol-containing means. Such products removes Shine, normalizes the sebaceous glands, prevent the occurrence of inflammatory elements.

It is advisable to purchase aftershave and foam, shaving gel from the same line of cosmetics. In this case, they would complement each other's action. In addition, cosmetic products from the same series have generally the same flavor.

How to use aftershave

After hair removal with a razor thoroughly clean the skin. The remains of the foam or gel for shaving, it is best to wash off with water. If after the procedure the skin had abrasions or cuts, it is necessary to cauterize the wound with alcohol-containing medium. If the shaving lotion includes alcohol, pre-treatment of the skin do not have to spend.

After washing, gently blot face with a towel. After shave lotion should be applied to slightly damp skin. For applying you need to pour small amount on palm and apply sparingly to face, spreading the lotion on the skin with your hands.

There is also a more economical way of using lotion after shaving. To do this, apply a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe over face.

If a man is accustomed to look after themselves and to take care of your skin, some time after applying the lotion it can be applied to the skin some cream. It is very desirable that the cream and lotion were from the same cosmetic series.