Advice 1: How to deal with itchy private parts after shaving

Shaving is the fastest and most painless way of getting rid of unwanted vegetation on the body. However, it has a significant drawback – many women after hair removal in the bikini area irritation accompanied by redness and itching.
How to deal with itchy private parts after shaving

Correct shaving to prevent irritation

It is much easier to prevent irritation, than then to struggle with its consequences. The more that do it's not hard – just go with the mind to procedure. Before heading to the bathroom, check that your razor was sharp enough, and you don't have several times led it in the same place in an attempt to remove all hairs.
If you prefer a reusable machines, choose a razor with three or more blades. A special moisturizing strip would also be a plus. Disposable shaving machine – do not forget to regularly change them.

Shower or bathe. Rasparte skin, remove dirt and oily build up. It is useful, using a soft scrub make the exfoliating to remove dead skin particles and to extract ingrown hairs. Then apply shaving gel and start getting rid of excess vegetation.
Instead of shaving gel you can use a mild shower gel, but not soap.

It is advisable to shave unwanted hairs on the line of their growth. Of course, the result will not be as smooth as if you are going to remove vegetation in the bikini area in the opposite direction, but the annoyance you will face. Once you have shaved the hair, clean the skin with antiseptic and apply a moisturizer. This should be enough to get you itching not disturbing you.

How to deal with the irritation

If, despite all measures you have taken, the skin appeared red spots, it itches and itches, you can improve your condition. Pruritus low intensity will help lotions. Brew the mint, allow broth to infuse for one hour, cool. Moisten in the liquid on a cotton pad and apply to the affected areas. Within half an hour change your gadgets. The irritation should pass. In the absence of the house of mint is possible for some time to ice, which is also able to relieve the pain.
Do not wear immediately after shaving synthetic underwear or too tight pants that will RUB your skin.

If the affected skin is swollen, and severe itching does not stop, you go to the heavy artillery. Use medication on a hormonal basis. Lubricate the bikini area hydrocortisone cream. This tool has anti-inflammatory effect and acts very quickly, however, they should not be abused. If irritation after shaving you happens every time, maybe you should choose another method of hair removal.

Advice 2: How to remove irritation after shaving bikini

Easy and without consequences to shave the hair on the skin is not all, quite often accompanied by great irritationm even men who used to shave their face almost every day. And the skin in the bikini area, which many girls also prefer to make smooth and clean and has a more subtle structure.
How to remove irritation after shaving bikini
If you are going to shave the hair in the bikini area, first of all, go to the bathroom. Warm water will steam out and will make your hair more susceptible to shaving. Use a clean and preferably new razor, but if you already know from experience that the irritation will still consider whether, for this purpose, to purchase the shaver? Irritation after its use is minimal, and the result is better.
Immediately after shaving disinfect the bikini area. The best remedy for this – alcohol-containing media or alcohol, which should be pre-diluted by half with water. Just keep in mind that it is not necessary to prevent its contact with the mucous membrane. To remove irritation, it is better to disinfect the bikini area alcohol-containing product (a very good tincture of calendula and eucalyptus) and the second time the next day after shaving.
For processing the shaved areas may also benefit from hydrogen peroxide and an aqueous solution of furatsilina or tea tree oil. Tea tree oil should be used carefully, perhaps a point or in a mixture with any vegetable oil. By the way, antiseptic properties, and conventional anti-acne medications.
Apply a spot shaving nourishing or moisturizing cream, tonic lotion. Many women successfully use baby cream or powder.
If irritation on your skin is very large, you can try to alternately use some ointment with antibiotic and hormonal ointment, because they have strong anti-inflammatory effect. But keep in mind that often these ointments can not be used – the body quickly gets used to them, and they have no effect.
Try to fight off the irritation on the skin folk remedies: ointment of calendula, herbal (compresses) calendula, chamomile, celandine, succession. Cut in half aloe leaf and apply on the night a place shaving. Often use the composition of glycerin and aspirin: 2 tablets of aspirin pound to a powder, add the glycerin and lubricate the site of irritation.

Advice 3: How to deal with then

Any person fairly easy to lose the respect and favor of others, due to increased sweating. Most immediately the verdict: "This man does not take care of themselves. And few people know that excessive sweating can be a symptom of serious diseases, control of which people simply can not...
How to deal with then

Why do people sweat

Sweating is a natural reaction to the increased emotional or physical stress. Together with the liquid, which secrete sweat glands are substances that are no longer needed by the body or harmful to him. For example, heavy salt, trapped with food, medicines, urea, toxic substances or other organic compounds that have already fulfilled their "mission". Mixing with the sebum, these products begin to exude a foul-smelling odor, and high water content in their composition only amplifies it.

How to recognize the "enemy"

The scientific name for this property of the body – hyperhidrosis. Doctors there are two types of sweating:

· generalized hyperhidrosis,

· local (essential) hyperhidrosis.

Often the ordinary person, not suffering from any serious diseases, there is a local perspiration, which become moist palms, feet, inguinal folds and armpits. It can provoke stress, physical effort or high ambient temperature.

General hyperhidrosis is sweating on the entire surface of the epidermis of the human body. It provoke infectious, endocrine, oncological and gynecological diseases. In addition, the General sweating may become a problems with internal organs – heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and gall bladder, disorders in the circulatory and nervous systems. To get rid of the common athlete, you need to solve a problem that provokes her. To identify the problem only after a full medical examination.

The main ways of dealing with sweating

To deal with excessive sweating in different ways, but choose the method you need individually.

Hygienic method lies in proper skin care, regular cleaning and basic hygiene rules. For washing the skin, it is better to use products that contain 10 to 30% of aluminum salts.

Cosmetic method is deodorizing cosmetics. They need to pick in accordance with the skin characteristics and intensity of sweating. Apply to the skin need long before "the people" to the active substances had to begin its work.

Hardware methods is the impact on the problem areas of the skin electric pulses. The electric current reduces the activity of sebaceous glands and reduced perspiration. But such procedures can harm the circulatory system of the body.

Injection methods are point the introduction of botulotoxin from the group And into the epidermis. The procedure lasts up to 6 months, it was at this period the drug blocks the nerve impulses and sweat glands.

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