Correct shaving to prevent irritation

It is much easier to prevent irritation, than then to struggle with its consequences. The more that do it's not hard – just go with the mind to procedure. Before heading to the bathroom, check that your razor was sharp enough, and you don't have several times led it in the same place in an attempt to remove all hairs.
If you prefer a reusable machines, choose a razor with three or more blades. A special moisturizing strip would also be a plus. Disposable shaving machine – do not forget to regularly change them.

Shower or bathe. Rasparte skin, remove dirt and oily build up. It is useful, using a soft scrub make the exfoliating to remove dead skin particles and to extract ingrown hairs. Then apply shaving gel and start getting rid of excess vegetation.
Instead of shaving gel you can use a mild shower gel, but not soap.

It is advisable to shave unwanted hairs on the line of their growth. Of course, the result will not be as smooth as if you are going to remove vegetation in the bikini area in the opposite direction, but the annoyance you will face. Once you have shaved the hair, clean the skin with antiseptic and apply a moisturizer. This should be enough to get you itching not disturbing you.

How to deal with the irritation

If, despite all measures you have taken, the skin appeared red spots, it itches and itches, you can improve your condition. Pruritus low intensity will help lotions. Brew the mint, allow broth to infuse for one hour, cool. Moisten in the liquid on a cotton pad and apply to the affected areas. Within half an hour change your gadgets. The irritation should pass. In the absence of the house of mint is possible for some time to ice, which is also able to relieve the pain.
Do not wear immediately after shaving synthetic underwear or too tight pants that will RUB your skin.

If the affected skin is swollen, and severe itching does not stop, you go to the heavy artillery. Use medication on a hormonal basis. Lubricate the bikini area hydrocortisone cream. This tool has anti-inflammatory effect and acts very quickly, however, they should not be abused. If irritation after shaving you happens every time, maybe you should choose another method of hair removal.