Funds from irritation after shaving

If you have a very severe irritation, pimples with purulent contents, wipe the damaged area was the solution. To do this, dilute pure alcohol to 4 parts, but if you use vodka, to 2 parts clean water. Wipe the skin and apply ointment containing an antibiotic, for example, "Mitrokhin", "Levomekol", "Syntomycin".

Good skin cream helps ointment "Bepanten". You can buy it in any pharmacy. Apply ointment to clean skin several times a day until complete disappearance of inflammation. Usually it passes after a couple of days.

Calendula tincture is also good to help reduce inflammation after shaving, but it is preferably diluted with boiled water in equal proportions before the procedure. Keep in mind that the diluted tincture cloudy.

In severe inflammation, when the process involved lymph nodes, it is necessary to consult a surgeon who will prescribe antibiotics. To take powerful drugs without consultation with your doctor is highly undesirable.

When shaving try to use special gels, mousses, new machines, and after apply lotion, disinfectant micro-cracks. Thus you will avoid unpleasant consequences.