Regularly use an antibacterial cleanser. They deeply cleanse the pores and disinfect, not allowing the microbes to develop. Pimples will be much less after a few weeks of regular cleaning of the skin. Don't forget to treat the skin after cleansing, toning means they are tightening enlarged pores, which are the culprits of acne.
Apply only for oily skin, they are perfectly moisturize and also contain active ingredients that act specifically at eliminating skin problems. Even if you have a lot of years, you still suited for a young problem skin, but anti-aging will only aggravate the situation.
Regularly use a scrub and make a mask out of clay. Can clean the skin regular table salt finely. In an emergency means use shaving foam. Apply it on the skin for a few minutes and rinse, it will kill bacteria and dry the pimples.
If you are going in the morning to go anywhere, then spot apply the iodine directly on the pimples. It penetrates deep into the skin, warms and dissolves pus. By the way, iodine is well absorbed and for one night, but after applying, after two hours, apply a regular cream that you use regularly.
Propene complex vitamin, preferably with increased content of zinc, which is involved in skin processes and cleanses the body from within. If all else fails, visit a dermatologist, sometimes the culprits of acne are the subcutaneous mites that can't win any cosmetic products, except medicines.