If you are going to shave the hair in the bikini area, first of all, go to the bathroom. Warm water will steam out and will make your hair more susceptible to shaving. Use a clean and preferably new razor, but if you already know from experience that the irritation will still consider whether, for this purpose, to purchase the shaver? Irritation after its use is minimal, and the result is better.
Immediately after shaving disinfect the bikini area. The best remedy for this – alcohol-containing media or alcohol, which should be pre-diluted by half with water. Just keep in mind that it is not necessary to prevent its contact with the mucous membrane. To remove irritation, it is better to disinfect the bikini area alcohol-containing product (a very good tincture of calendula and eucalyptus) and the second time the next day after shaving.
For processing the shaved areas may also benefit from hydrogen peroxide and an aqueous solution of furatsilina or tea tree oil. Tea tree oil should be used carefully, perhaps a point or in a mixture with any vegetable oil. By the way, antiseptic properties, and conventional anti-acne medications.
Apply a spot shaving nourishing or moisturizing cream, tonic lotion. Many women successfully use baby cream or powder.
If irritation on your skin is very large, you can try to alternately use some ointment with antibiotic and hormonal ointment, because they have strong anti-inflammatory effect. But keep in mind that often these ointments can not be used – the body quickly gets used to them, and they have no effect.
Try to fight off the irritation on the skin folk remedies: ointment of calendula, herbal (compresses) calendula, chamomile, celandine, succession. Cut in half aloe leaf and apply on the night a place shaving. Often use the composition of glycerin and aspirin: 2 tablets of aspirin pound to a powder, add the glycerin and lubricate the site of irritation.