You will need
  • - tincture of mint;
  • - tincture of sage;
  • - lemon juice.
The main condition for combating irritation is personal hygiene. Every day, wash your armpits with a soft detergent, particularly in the hot period.
Buying deodorant, pre-check does he not cause you allergies. If you have determined that the irritation is invoked in any particular deodorant, replace it with another. In that case, if this measure did not help you, you will have to stop using it.
Some creams, ointments and gels contain anti-Allergy components that will help to relieve irritation caused by the rejection of deodorant.
Red stains in the underarms can be removed, taking baths with the addition of infusions of mint or sage. And itching good at relieving rubdown with lemon juice or a weak solution of vinegar.
Sometimes to unpleasant sensations results in depilation. In this case, try before and after the conference to lubricate the skin decoction of chamomile. After shaving wear loose clothing. It is desirable that it was made of natural materials.
Depilation always do a sharp and clean razor. This procedure is best done in the evening, because in this case you do not have to use deodorant, which is always in one way or another clog the pores of the skin. After shaving wipe the underarms with a solution of alcohol powder and baby powder. Many people recommend to use with this purpose, an ordinary children's cream with extracts of calendula and succession.
If your steps help badly, and the irritation continues to bother you, consult a dermatologist. Perhaps you are unable to establish the correct cause of this phenomenon.
To reduce sweating use Botox injections and laser destruction of sweat glands. Also there is a technique of liposuction in the armpits with a laser. But, although this procedure is considered less traumatic, you should consult a physicians.
Irritation in the underarms (severe itching and scratching) can occur when elevated blood sugar. In this case, wash, creams, powders, etc. will have little effect as long as the glucose level will not drop. Therefore, consult a endocrinologist who will prescribe the necessary treatment.