If hair removal is a razor, it is not recommended to remove hair from dry skin. Use special creams for shaving. Pilosocereus substance is also bad for the skin. Can come mild shower gel for sensitive skin.
Disinfection of the skin immediately after the procedure also removes the irritation. Use plain alcohol or alcohol-containing lotion. If after the skin seems dry, replace the hydrogen peroxide. Or after using the alcohol use moisturizer, preferably with anti-inflammatory effect.
After hair removal in the bikini area, use a special disinfectant solutions — Miramistin or hlorgeksidin. Suitable as the aqueous solution furatsilina. All of these substances can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.
There are special ointments, removes irritation. Solkoseril, Actovegin and malavit applied to the surface of the skin after epilation. May reapply after 12 hours on clean skin, if the problem did not disappear completely.
Tea tree oil promotes healing of minor wounds. The skin on the worn spot. If irritation on the large surfaces, dilute 5-7 drops of tea tree oil in normal sunflower oil. And lubricate the skin. The drawback of this method — long absorbency. But the effect is noticeable almost immediately.
Ancient method of getting rid of irritation — the use of the leaves of aloe. The fleshy petals are cut lengthwise, remove all the stitching projections and attach to the site of hair removal. All ten-minute procedure will eliminate any misunderstandings with the skin.
After disinfection, use a special cream after epilation. They do not breed bacteria that can cause irritation, heal minor wound. If a special cream is not at hand, your regular cream after shaving.
Decoction of chamomile and calendula good for the skin after epilation. If possible — make a bath with the addition of infusions of these herbs. Or soak in the broth a cotton pad and apply to the spot of hair removal for 2-3 minutes, you can repeat 2-3 times.