Irritation on the skin that occur after waxing can ruin a good day. In order to avoid any, when you shave, use facial foam containing chamomile extract, coconut extract or other components, anti-irritant. Before the procedure to soften the surface of the skin by taking a bath with herbal decoctions, for example, the same chamomile.
Check the condition of instruments with which you spend depilation. The blades on the machine must be sharp, otherwise they won't shave the hairs, and roughly scrape the skin, causing irritation. Women's electric razor should be inspected regularly and change the mesh to clean and lubricate the trimmer.
Use machines with multiple blades. This eliminates the need to spend extra time at the same place, and hence reduces the interaction of the machine with the skin, reducing the possibility of irritation.
After shaving, apply body lotion. There is a special aftershave for women. They soften and soothe the skin's surface, some of them enriched with vitamins and bring a double benefit.
Perfectly removes irritation cold. Some women's electric shaver, we have included a special device in the form of a packet of gel that you need to put in the freezer for a while and after waxing applied to the treated surface.
In a tight plastic bag (in stores have special bags for making ice) pour the water and put it in the freezer so that it was flat and oblong. When the ice hardens, wrap it in several layers of soft cloth and apply to the irritated areas. Don't hold out too long not to be supercooled.
In order make the skin less susceptible to irritation, watch your diet, because the skin is the mirror of the body, its sensitivity may indicate lack of vitamins. Eat more vegetables, fruits, can be added to the diet vitamin supplements or cocktails.