A true athlete is able to maintain a high level of motivation for training and competitions. Athletes are always set to maximum success. During the class, athletes are constantly followed by psychological installation of winning. Before the competition, this idea becomes dominant in the mind. This attitude ensures the readiness of a person to overcome difficulties.
The ability to concentrate on tasks, commitment and self-discipline in carrying out plans also become a character trait of a professional athlete. The whole way of life is subordinate to a single goal – to show the highest score and snatch victory from the hands of the opponent.
Athletes are able to make independent decisions and take responsibility for them. This personality trait is especially valuable in times of competition, when the athlete has to act alone, without relying on the help and advice of a coach or psychologist sports teams.
One of the components of success in sport – confidence and high self esteem. Those who doubt their abilities, rarely achieve impressive results. To win you need a clear understanding of their strengths and correct their use both during training and during the battles for prizes. Psychologists say that high self esteem is common to many Olympic Champions.
The athlete can not do without developed volitional qualities. In training and in the fight for medals often have to endure, overcoming fatigue, pain and sometimes fear. Developed will help the athlete to overcome physical and psychological barriers. In professional sports, there are special training systems aimed solely at the development of volitional qualities.
A professional athlete has emotional stability. In moments of competition, practically each athlete feels the excitement and is under stress. To achieve success you must be able to cope with the emotions, keeping them under control. The true masters demonstrate calmness even in the most acute moments of sports.
Trained athlete is distinguished by the ability to adequately respond to possible setbacks and failures. This trait is formed gradually and is most pronounced in moments of participation in the competition process. It is impossible to constantly win. But the true sportsman is capable of every defeat to draw conclusions, to analyze the mistakes and to make adjustments in their actions. Champions know that success in sport is not determined by the number of unsuccessful approaches to the projectile, and the only attempt that raises them on a pedestal.