You will need
  • dried tobacco leaves;
  • - blender (or any other chopper);
  • - essential oils;
  • water;
  • - plastic containers;
  • - rubber blade.
The process of manufacturing snuff tobaccoand begins with the selection of tobacco leaves. The number of components in tobacco mixtures can reach up to twenty, but it is possible to do in one grade. Choose well dried and preferably undamaged leaves.
Tobacco leaves of one species, place in a blender or in a special unit and grind to a powdery consistency. Bulk of the resulting tobacco dust in different tanks for different grades.
Sift the tobacco blend and mix different varieties in one container in the desired proportions.
To the mixed tobacco blend add water with any flavorings or essential oils. Essential oils can be taken separately and in mixture. Half glass of water, use no more than six drops of essential oil. Water should be added gradually, carefully stirring the tobacco small rubber spatula. At this stage, snuff tobacco should look like a moist but thick consistency porridge.
Then transfer snuff tobacco in a container in a ventilated and air conditioned room, and leave it to dry under tightly covered with a lid for four weeks. From time to time open the lid fully to the tobacco blend "breathe".
After aging the tobacco mixture for four weeks, to the finished product can add additional flavorings, such as fruit extracts. Good smelling tobacco should be dark green or brown color, feels like soft velvety powder.