Advice 1: How to make snuff

Snuff – a good way to set the mood and efficiency, improve breathing and even get rid of a cold. The palette of flavors of snuff today, a huge from raspberry and orange blossom to menthol, mint, bergamot, peach and lavender. Such a variety of flavors allows fans of snuff every time to breathe new unique shades smell. Often, however, I want to try something exclusive, and therefore stands to make a snuff with your own hands.
How to make snuff
You will need
  • dried tobacco leaves;
  • - blender (or any other chopper);
  • - essential oils;
  • water;
  • - plastic containers;
  • - rubber blade.
The process of manufacturing snuff tobaccoand begins with the selection of tobacco leaves. The number of components in tobacco mixtures can reach up to twenty, but it is possible to do in one grade. Choose well dried and preferably undamaged leaves.
Tobacco leaves of one species, place in a blender or in a special unit and grind to a powdery consistency. Bulk of the resulting tobacco dust in different tanks for different grades.
Sift the tobacco blend and mix different varieties in one container in the desired proportions.
To the mixed tobacco blend add water with any flavorings or essential oils. Essential oils can be taken separately and in mixture. Half glass of water, use no more than six drops of essential oil. Water should be added gradually, carefully stirring the tobacco small rubber spatula. At this stage, snuff tobacco should look like a moist but thick consistency porridge.
Then transfer snuff tobacco in a container in a ventilated and air conditioned room, and leave it to dry under tightly covered with a lid for four weeks. From time to time open the lid fully to the tobacco blend "breathe".
After aging the tobacco mixture for four weeks, to the finished product can add additional flavorings, such as fruit extracts. Good smelling tobacco should be dark green or brown color, feels like soft velvety powder.
Remember that snuff is very corrosive and do not let it contact with eyes.
Useful advice
Vladimir Gilyarovsky leads in the book "Moscow and Muscovites" an old family recipe blend of flavours for snuff. Ten pounds of tobacco leaves need to " take a quarter pound of elixir of pine oil, two spool of rose oil and one pound of rose water the best."

Advice 2: How to sniff snuff

Some smokers ask question: How to snort snuff?". Most likely, many of them are trying to quit Smoking. And some just like to sniff and sneeze. So what is snuff? This is treated, dried and shredded into dust tobacco leaves. This kind of relates to smokeless tobacco. About safety snuff people to this day argue. One thing is for sure – it does not harm others.
Quit Smoking with snuff you are unlikely
With the question of nicotine addiction complicated. Not so easy to calculate the amount of nicotine entering the body, from snuff tobacco. But the effect of nicotine on the body of the smoker is the same regardless of how it got there. So quit Smoking going from cigarettes to snuff, it will be problematic.
But, nevertheless, let's move on to the question of how to sniff snuff. There are a number of techniques of its use, denoting merely the personal convenience and preference of the smoker. In end effect, a significant difference was not detected.
Take a pinch of the powder, shape it into something like a ball. Lay the ball of tobacco dust into each nostril. Now pull your nose in the air, pick up a handkerchief and wait for the effect. After retraction of tobacco will be followed by a series of impressive sneeze. After people Pochet, he will experience a mild state of euphoria. This means that the body has received its dose of nicotine. By the way, in this way the time was used by the aristocratic elite of society.
Pour a portion of snuff to any hard surface. Take a glass, plastic or other suitable tube to smell the tobacco dust.
And the third way. Often used in the days of Columbus. Not Smoking a pipe the captains of sailing ships of that time loved to smell the tobacco that way. Sprinkle a small pinch of snuff in the depression between the thumb and forefinger of the hand, with the backhand. One nostril pull in the powder, then repeat the same with the other nostril. It requires some skill, so once you may fail.

Advice 3: How to make tobacco

For many centuries people with his own hands prepared the tobacco for various purposes. In our time, this topic has not lost relevance. Making tobacco on their own, you at least will be assured that this product is free of impurities.
How to make tobacco
You will need
  • Tobacco leaves
  • Knife
  • The pan
  • A sheet of paper
  • Oven
  • A linen or cotton towel
Take the leaves of tobacco. Tie them in pairs and hang on a rope in a dark, well-ventilated area. Hold in this state for at least three weeks.
The tobacco must be fermented. In large tobacco farms are usually the leaves of tobaccoand for the first fermentation put in stacks of about a meter height and determine into a dark room. But you hardly need so much tobaccoand, therefore, the more appropriate the other way. Gently fold the leaves in a plastic bag. Tie the package tightly and place in the dark. The leaves from green become yellow-brown.
With a sharp knife finely chop the leaves. Cover a baking sheet with a sheet of paper. Pour a thin layer of tobacco and put in the oven to dry. Drying tobacco is necessary at a temperature not exceeding 100°. Tobacco should darken but not burn. Smoking tobacco ready. Store tobacco is better in a porcelain dish or in a cotton bag.
For hookah tobaccoand you need a second fermentation.Cut tobacco so that the pieces were no more than 5 mm. For this purpose you can use a hand grinder. Prepare a sugar or fruit syrup in a weight ratio of 1:1. Pour into it the tobacco and place over night in the fridge. When the tobacco will absorb the liquid, strain through cheesecloth excess moisture. Add honey to achieve optimal consistency, spread the mixture in a thin layer to a porcelain dish and dry during the day. Add a few drops of glycerin and roll the mixture into a ball. Store the resulting mixture in an airtight container.
During fermentation the leaves should not be too much.

Do not use aluminum cookware.

Tobacco for Shisha you cannot overdry.
Useful advice
When wilting of tobacco leaves are required to avoid direct sunlight. This procedure should not last too long, otherwise the tobacco will dry up.

If you are preparing tobacco in the country, better for drying to use the shed. The apartment is more suited to a shaded loggia.

Podvyalit tobacco and other method, just laying it out on paper.

For cigar tobacco needs re-fermentation, but before that — to sort the leaves.

Do not use tobacco storage plastic bags. It can become moldy.

Advice 4: How to make raspberries in their own juice for the winter

Raspberry is one of the most popular berries long domestic preparations. It's used to make jam, jelly, candy, juices. Try another delicious and healthy recipe - raspberries in their own juice. Thus prepared, the berries retain all the vitamins, and great taste and aroma.
How to make raspberries in their own juice for the winter

Raspberries in their own juice: benefits and features

Traditional jams involves lengthy preparation. Three to four hours of boiling are interspersed with intervals of berries in syrup. This treatment guarantees the safety of the product. Finished jam can be stored at room temperature. But if you don't have enough time for cooking and want to keep the taste and aroma of fresh berries, use another blank in their own juice. So you can cook soft berries e.g. raspberries. The finished product is best stored in the refrigerator.
Raspberries can be mixed with other soft berries such as blackberries or blueberries.

Raspberries in their own juice used for the preparation of mousses and cocktails, as well as for pies, cakes and other home baking. Berries can be served with tea, it is suitable for the treatment of colds.

The most delicious recipes for the winter

Raspberries can be cooked in different ways - choose the one that seems the most fast and convenient.

Try a simple method of preparation of raspberries in their own juice. 1 kg of fresh raw materials need 1 kg of sugar. Pre-wash with baking soda a glass jar, rinse them and pour over boiling water. Allow the containers to dry.

Raspberries go through, cull mouldy or wormy berries. Rinse them, drain and then dry. Divide raspberries into 5 parts, four lay out the prepared banks and fifth place in a pot, add sugar and put on the stove. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat and, stirring, cook the mass over low heat until the crystals are completely dissolved. To prepare raspberry syrup will take about 10 minutes.

Hot syrup pour berries, arranged in banks so that the brim was about 2 cm, Place filled containers in a pot and sterilize. On the bottom of the pan spread a towel, put in jars and cover them with cold water so that it reached the shoulders of the jars. Bring the water to a boil. The processing time depends on the volume of containers. Three-liter jars boil for half an hour, and for sterilization liter will take no more than 15 minutes.
The amount of sugar for the filling can be increased - the finished product will be more sweet.

Another simple recipe involves boiling the syrup. Sort through the raspberries and pour into a clean dry banks, interspersing the berries and sugar. 1 kg of berries will need 500 g of sugar. Uplotnaet berries, tapping the edges of the cans. Allow the berries to soak for several hours to give the juice. Filled containers, sterilize in boiling water, and then roll up covers. Banks turn up bottoms and refrigerate. Raspberries get ready for storage.
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