Tobacco powder, pounded into a fine dust is a widely used natural remedy for care of plants, contributing to higher yields and which is a natural insecticide. When using tobacco waste is necessary to protect respiratory organs and eyes, and do not use kitchen utensils for making decoctions and infusions.


Tobacco dust is a natural fertilizer that improves soil health and provides nutrition to plants by nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizer does not need pre-treatment and preparation, can be used in combination with manure or chicken droppings.

Melkoprosejannyj tobacco powder added to the soil during the spring and autumn garden work in a small amount: about 3 g per square meter. When planting large fruit trees in each pit covered about 3-4 kg, and in the pit, intended for planting small shrubs, add 500-600 g of tobacco dust. For feeding potted plants, the tobacco powder is mixed with sand and soil in equal amounts. Before sowing grass seed it is recommended to sprinkle the surface of the lawn in tobacco dust in an amount of about 2 l, and then lightly loosen the soil and carefully water it.


After the fruit trees Bud, it is advisable to carry out regular fumigation smoke from smoldering tobacco dust – this measure allows to protect plants from aphids, whiteflies, psylla, fruit moths. Fumigation of produce in warm weather, no wind, using protective equipment for the respiratory system. For this procedure between the garden beds lay dry straw, branches or garbage, poured on top of about 2 kg of tobacco powder and gently ignited. The optimal time of exposure to tobacco smoke - from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


No less effective method of dealing with garden pests is spraying the plants with tobacco decoction or infusion. A concentrated solution of tobacco expels ants, slugs, thrips, leafrollers, spider mites, flea beetles.

When cooking a decoction of one part of tobacco pour ten parts of water and boil on low heat for 30-40 minutes, adding liquid evaporates to the same level. Then during the day the decoction insist, carefully filtered and diluted with water to three parts of water should be one part of the broth. Before use in a bucket of solution is added about 40 g of liquid or finely planed soap, which provides good adhesion of the decoction of the leaves of the trees. During boiling to tobacco, add a little onion skin – this will help to expel from the garden of caterpillars-listogib.

To prepare tobacco pour warm water in a ratio of 1:10 and infused for one and a half to two days with occasional stirring. Filtration of the solution produced through a double layer of cheesecloth, after which the infusion is mandatory is diluted with water in the same proportions as for the broth, add washing powder or liquid soap. Spraying with an infusion of tobacco is carried out 2 times a day with a break of one week.