With the question of nicotine addiction complicated. Not so easy to calculate the amount of nicotine entering the body, from snuff tobacco. But the effect of nicotine on the body of the smoker is the same regardless of how it got there. So quit Smoking going from cigarettes to snuff, it will be problematic.
But, nevertheless, let's move on to the question of how to sniff snuff. There are a number of techniques of its use, denoting merely the personal convenience and preference of the smoker. In end effect, a significant difference was not detected.
Take a pinch of the powder, shape it into something like a ball. Lay the ball of tobacco dust into each nostril. Now pull your nose in the air, pick up a handkerchief and wait for the effect. After retraction of tobacco will be followed by a series of impressive sneeze. After people Pochet, he will experience a mild state of euphoria. This means that the body has received its dose of nicotine. By the way, in this way the time was used by the aristocratic elite of society.
Pour a portion of snuff to any hard surface. Take a glass, plastic or other suitable tube to smell the tobacco dust.
And the third way. Often used in the days of Columbus. Not Smoking a pipe the captains of sailing ships of that time loved to smell the tobacco that way. Sprinkle a small pinch of snuff in the depression between the thumb and forefinger of the hand, with the backhand. One nostril pull in the powder, then repeat the same with the other nostril. It requires some skill, so once you may fail.