You will need
  • Fresh leaves of peppermint;
  • Plastic bag for food products;
  • A small wooden hammer;
  • Base oil (almond, wheat germ, grapeseed, or any other, bought at the pharmacy);
  • Small glass jar with a lid;
  • Glass container (dark glass);
  • Gauze.
By the way, with this method you can prepare essential oil and other plants. Use only freshly picked leaves of plants. For this you need to grow them in the garden yourself or buy on the market. Mint is better to collect in the morning when the dew dries. Morning in the mint, and any other plant the oil content is higher. Leaves choose only the healthy, so they did not have a single injury.
Wash the collected leaves of peppermint in cold water, then shake it to drain the water, lay on a dry towel and wait until the leaves are dry. Next, put the leaves in a thick plastic bag designed especially for food products. Seal the bag and gently pobyvaete wooden hammer the sheets in the pack to tear their skin and give natural juices to come out.
Put the package contents in a small glass jar, tamp, then pour the base oil. This oil should completely absorb the juice from the leaves of peppermint. Close the jar, shake it to mix the oil with juice and left to stand for a day. The next day, strain all the contents of the jar through cheesecloth, then squeeze and discard the leaves.
For three days repeat this process, changing the sheets, but using the same oil that every day will be more sated juice of peppermint. When essential oil is ready, pour it in a bottle or a bottle made of dark glass and store tightly closed in a cool and dark place not exposed to direct sun rays.