You will need
  • Cell phone
To date, the owners of mobile phones can save contacts on the SIM card and the phone memory. Storing numbers on the SIM card will allow you to see the contacts by inserting the number in any other mobile device. Save numbers in the cell phone will allow you to see your contacts only on a specific machine (if you lose the phone, contacts will be lost). You can save the telephone number two most convenient ways.
Save the phone numbers via the phone menu. Go to the main menu of your device and select the "Contacts" section. Scroll to find "New contact" or "Create contact" and open it. In the menu that appears, enter the phone number itself and the name of its owner. Also here you can configure the path to save the contact to phone or SIM card. Save the settings after entering all information. The contact will be displayed in the list.
Storing a contact using properties of numbers. You can also save the phone number, after typing it, or selecting any of the recent calls lists. Selecting the desired number, press the button with the value "Options" and select to save the contact. The menu will allow you to enter a new contact name and define the path to save his rooms.