You will need
  • - passport
  • cell phone fixed SIM card
  • - a letter with a company seal or power of attorney (for legal entities)
If you are a subscriber of Beeline, to change the numberand call from your mobile for free roomat 0611. Digits of your phone will be replaced by another randomly the winning combination.
For self-selection of digit numberand use "choice". To do this, go to the site operator and visit this service. Enter your phone number in ten-digit format in the top box and the desired number at the bottom.
To change the roomand serviced by the company MegaFon, call our contact centre or visit the nearest office of the operator to assist you "Change the room". On the phone it is possible to change only the number of the Federal format, to change the city you must appear in person at the sales office.
If you change Federal phone Federal, and city to city, the changes will take effect during the day. But when you change the type of the roomand the (city to Federal or Federal to city) you will receive a new combination with only 1 day of the following month.
To change the telephone combination, which serves the operator Skylink, be sure to visit the office of mobile provider. The change of numbers when you call the contact centre of this operator on the phone is not possible.
Note that the service to change the roombut only available when you confirm your passport data specified when buying the connection kit to the provider. So before you call the employee operator be prepared to provide passport details and necessary information.
To change one or more phones designed for the organization, send your provider a letter, stamped and containing the request for service change room. Some operators may perform this replacement only in the personal presence of the representative of the company named in the authorization.
If you want to choose the numbers that will enter the room, and their sequence, then get ready to pay a considerable amount. The cost of each individual telephone numberand depends on the number of repeated characters. The more matching numbers, the more expensive it is to obtain such a combination.