Advice 1: How to age skin

In modern fashion relevant artificially aged leather. Shabby and covered with network of wrinkles the material out of the hands of a master of texture and unique. Make bags, shoes and outerwear; specially treated upholstery pull the furniture in retro style. These things cost more shiny and smooth products. Aging skin by yourself, with the help of some mechanical and chemical methods of processing this material.
How to age skin
You will need
  • - cut genuine leather;
  • - a sketch of the future product;
  • - plywood stretching, small nails and hammer;
  • - razor blade, press, wire brush and emery;
  • - sprinklers and water;
  • - medical and ammonia;
  • - glycerin;
  • - castor oil;
  • - wool and rags;
  • Polish or crackle paint for the skin;
  • - sponge and brush;
  • Sol.
  • - Shoe Polish;
  • - old iron;
  • - oven;
  • - a wooden form;
  • the marble powder.
Inspect the piece of leather. Some natural defects in the material can even play in your favor. Small scars, the traces from the bites of flies and other insects, non-uniform color - all this is interesting try to beat them to create a truly unique thing.
Carefully consider the appearance of the future product. Sometimes it is enough just to stretch the skin, then stretch it diagonally in different directions. With sandpaper you can make the finished product more or less worn in certain places (e.g. elbows or knees). For clarity, draw on paper a network of decorative creases and cracks, something which even it is possible to outline the incisions.
To create an enhanced effect of old skin will first have to prepare it, to make softer and more pliable. Dampen the piece with water from a spray bottle, pull it to the plywood with nails and let them dry in the sun.
RUB into the leather surface of a cloth castor oil, or glycerin. After drying, the material is wipe it with alcohol and start to stretch and perform sophisticated pattern of wrinkles. Scratches can be done with a stiff brush, and creases – using a press. Work carefully and slowly, because the process of creating artificially aged skin irreversible!
Aged wipe material clean with water, dry with a cloth and again dry it to stretch. While the pores of the cloth slightly damp, saturate them with castor oil with a small amount of ammonia. After fattening the material needs to dry, and it can be removed from plywood. Again knead the skinthat the fat is thoroughly infiltrated between the collagen fibers.
To style leather things antique you can use special Putinism for the skin store for designers and artists. Carefully read the information on the packaging and act exactly according to instructions. Composition of paints-crackle makes a new product to chapped, as if from time to time.
Try out the paint for the skin, making the color of things heterogeneous, with blackouts and discolored spots. This can be achieved by rubbing the surface with a sponge, brush and emery paper, and using a combination of different shades of paint.
Finally, use the method of aging of the skin from the footwear masters. Take a piece of brown and soak it in salted water (50 g per liter) on the day. Then remove it from the tank with the solution, allow the liquid to drain and wrap with a soft cloth to dry. The surface of the canvas should be a little friends.
Lubricate the skin with Shoe Polish and iron at a temperature of 120 degrees, taking care not to burn the material. For these purposes, the craftsmen keep on hand old iron. When the Shoe Polish will cease to stick to hands, remove left overs with a glycerin alcohol. You can make it yourself: mix the glycerin and alcohol 2:1 and heat the mixture on a water bath. As a result of your manipulation the brown skin needs to turn black.
Pull the colored material into the desired shape (e.g. a log) and place it in the oven (120 degrees). After the appearance of a strong unpleasant smell, remove the material and quickly dip it in a bowl of cold water. After two or three repeated treatments the skin will be covered with intricate network of cracks, and seams between them will appear brown. For fading additionally treat the canvas marble powder.
Useful advice
The process of aging of the skin through a variety of paints and varnishes requires a certain skill. We recommend that you first try something on a small sample of the material, and only then proceed to the decorative treatment of the rest of the canvas. Protect your hands from chemicals with rubber gloves and work in a ventilated area to avoid breathing harmful fumes.

Advice 2: As to age thing

Old antique things have a special beauty and charm, but "grandma's" furniture is not at all, and is a real "antique" is very expensive. There is a fairly simple way out of this situation — it is necessary to artificially wear out your furniture. It doesn't take a lot of time and effort, and buying the materials that you will need to work, not much hit on the wallet.
As to age thing
You will need
  • - emery emery cloth;
  • - the ground;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - candle;
  • - varnish for cracking;
  • - metal brush.
For aging good things from wood, ceramics, brass, glass and wrought iron. Give a touch of antiquity of wooden furniture. Take the object, clean it from dust and sanded paint and varnish. Sandpaper is better to take large, it can help you work faster. Swipe all the debris from the surface and clean workplace, to particles of old paint will not stick to the new layers.
Cover the thing with soil suitable mixture of PVA glue with white acrylic enamel. Allow the surface to dry. Then cover the piece of furniture brown acrylic paint. Apply two coats of this tool. Leave overnight so that the paint has well dried out.
Paraffin or wax RUB all edges and corners of the product. Select the color of your future "antique" furniture. Looks good pale pink or ivory. Create your own color by mixing white paint with the color. A few drops added to the Bank, would be sufficient.
Brown Foundation should completely disappear under layers of new paint, these layers can be from two to four. Don't forget to dry well each layer.
Take the sandpaper with the grain to 800. Sanded the places that you rubbed the candle. Basic paint will wear away and expose brown. Satilite carefully to avoid "burrs". For greater reliability of work is uneven, somewhere power trowel is stronger in other areas do only a hint of fading.
A soft brush clean the surface from dust. If you want to further decorate furniture, cut-out napkins floral patterns and stick on the selected place. Then cover the entire product matte varnish. This technique is called shabby chic.
Try to age the furniture with the help of brushing. Treat the surface with a wire brush, it will remove the soft wood fibers and clearly distinguish its texture. Apply a layer of paint, the color it should be dark. Without waiting, when the medium dries, RUB it deep into the pores and cracks of wood. All the wood structure will be clearly visible. Varnish for finishing treatment can take a variety of effects – metallic, mother-of-pearl.
Effectively things look aged crackle technique. Apply on furniture, new paint, and in a few minutes – tool to create cracks (craquelure). This can be a two-component varnish or paint. When you work with them be clear on the instructions, as the common recommendations for different funds.
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