You will need
  • - genuine leather;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - Teflon foot for sewing machine;
  • - backing cloth;
  • - threads;
  • - interlining;
  • - glue for textile.
Going to buy material for sewing, take all the details of the paper pattern as plate genuine leather with different qualities and sizes. Remember that the details of the skin cannot be smatyvay and rip as the needle will leave a mark. So before you cut the jacket of the expensive leather, sew it from cheap fabric to adjust the details of the paper pattern. Outwrite natural skin moderately hot iron only on the reverse side. Be sure to use dry and pre-protogenic try to iron unnecessary flap.
Before proceeding to cutting, to the underside of the skin mark all the holes and thin spots. Remember that in the transverse direction, the skin is stretched more than in the longitudinal. Therefore it is not necessary to find the paired items, such as shelves, laying out paper patterns in different directions. Attach them to the skin with adhesive tape, marking contours, perform a soft pencil or pen. Cutting two shelves, one back, two front and rear halves of the sleeve, the two parts of the bottom of the sleeve. Also do the two parts of the collar stand and pockets and piping detail the neckline.
For the lining use special interlining for leather, which adheres well with a flat iron. For sewing things from soft leather and use the needle number 80, 90. If the skin is thick, you will need a special triangular needle. If your sewing machine performs poorly or uneven stitches promotes the skin, replace the Teflon foot or put it under a strip of fine sand paper. Either lay the line on top of the tissue paper, which can then be easily removed.
When everything is ready, start sewing. Run side and shoulder seams. Allowances lay on either side of the seams and glue textile glue. On the top slice of the pockets remove the allowances to wrong side and Topstitch. Other allowances pockets also fold and glue the glue with a pencil. Then place the pockets on the jacket and Topstitch in place.
Small pleats along the lower sections of the back, front and sleeves and zautyuzhte Sametime. Follow the seams of sleeves and vacate them into the openings. Will attrocity along the seams of primaqiune. Sew the neck facing, then vsheyte collar and attrocites it to an external circuit. Sew the top stitch finishing lining. Vsheyte zipper.