You will need
  • Cloak of rework, chalk, a new material for the lining, scissor, locking, riveting, additional accessories for decoration, glycerin, sewing machine.
On hand you have a leather old or obsolete with an eye on fashion coat. Why in the example shown is a cloak of skin, because it is the most difficult material to work with to redraw. With other types of mantle tissue you'll manage just fine, if you can manage leather.
Cut with scissors the coat at the hips, pre-drawing a cutting line with chalk. Change the clasp on it. If there was suparna clasp, then it is better to change the lock. You can make large buttons, covered with skin. But this will neaten additional loops opposite buttons.
Vsheyte clasps in the sleeves to decorate leather goods. Prostrochite on the machine front are embossed and side seams. Nucleate metal studs on the jacket.
Make pattern for the jacket material for the lining. Better if it is insulated, quilted, then the jacket will be warm in spring and autumn. Sew the finished lining on the machine to the jacket. The bottom of the stitch, twisting his skin to the lining. If the old belt from the coat is worn out, and the model of jacket it requires, sew from scraps of leather belt.
Lubricate the finished jacket with glycerin for Shine and soften the skin. You can paint it with paint suitable for leather goods, if the fabric is too worn out. The end result is you get leather in vintage style.
Of the remaining cropped the skin you can do well as decorations for jackets, for example, fringe, which you want to decorate the hems or pockets on it. If the pockets on the jacket there, but you would like to have them here, you can sew them from the remnants of the skin. As a variant of the scenery jacket – sewing faux fur to her. Fur can cover the places on the jacket, which is badly worn out – the collar, hem, sleeves.