Advice 1: How to sew leather

Sewing leather can be a tricky process. You will need: leather itself, twisted linen thread (waxed), polyester or Dacron, the needle suitable for the thread, awl. And in working with leather the most important thing is the choice Sheila – important form, which will be the key to a beautiful and proper seam.
How to sew leather

The first thing to do is to choose the leather for sewing. It can be extruded or solid. Pressed leather short-lived, so you should prefer one-piece.

Awl. Select the awl is diamond shaped in cross-section, in order to repeat the section of a sewing needle. The awl should be sharp to the skin included easily, the fibers of the skin should slide and not be torn. You can make yourself an awl fine screwdriver, better than the Russian production. If you want you can sharpen the awl with a file medium grit, using the vise. It is desirable to finish the sharpening with a fine file so that the faces became smooth sewing.

Cut leather, comfortable Shoe with a knife, but you can make neat cuts and stationery.

To learn how to sew leather, you need patience and great desire.

Mark on the skin of the hole required for proshiva, you can use a metal ruler. On and on the other the pieces of skin from the edge at the same distance, made a small incision, the interval of 5 mm. For this purpose you can use the needle. Then with an awl pierce the final hole. At the same time, they are deployed relative to the axis of the future seam at an angle of about 30-45°. The angles of these holes must match on that in another piece of leather.

Take a needle with thread. Take the prepared pieces of leather and fold them so the holes match. The thread is better doubled, and its length count one-third longer than the expected length of the seam.

Flash the seam. If you decide to sew leather on the sewing machine, do it not pedal-operated and hands. If you are worried that parts will begin to spread when sewing, then this will protect you prior to bonding, and slightly better on the edges of details that then splices inside the product.

To start and finish sewing the skin it is necessary basting stitch. To do this, make 4 stitches, return to start and repeat stitches on the stitching. The seam will not be spread. Thread both sides of the joint contact node prizhivayutsya and pressed against the skin, they stick.

Patience, thoroughness, and you will succeed!

Advice 2 : How to sew leather or fur

Work on the leather products and fur requires certain practical skills and knowledge. To make key chains, lanyards, bracelets, bookmarks and key rings in home, and it's not necessary to have special knowledge. It is sufficient to know the basics of working with leather and fur.
How to sew leather or fur
You will need
  • - source material;
  • pattern;
  • - scissors;
  • knife;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - glue for the skin.
Every product, even the simplest, can be divided into several stages. First of all you should consider the shape, colors and the way the details of the future product. Then make a pattern and cut out the skin or fur, and then proceed to the connection of the parts and decoration of the finished product.
When working with leather and fur, you need to use thick paper to create blueprints, which you will cut the material. Paired parts should be cut from a single piece of leather, and all the details of fur, suede or velvet should be cut with the same direction of the NAP. Thin skin when cutting cut with scissors and thick material and fur with a knife. Don't forget when cutting the skin to leave a seam and a hem.
The details of the fur, cut the patterns, lay on the shades. In this dark place to the top, and lighter towards the bottom of the product to the transition of shades was gradual.
Cut parts connect to each other using sewing machine, glue or by braiding. Method of braid is suitable only for works of leather, and its essence lies in the Assembly of parts with thin straps, cut from the same material as the product itself. This kind of Assembly is very beautiful, and after it does not require additional decoration of the finished product.
If you in use a thin leather, stitch details better on the sewing machine, the details of the more dense texture can collect manually. Before beginning work on a typewriter prostrochite seam trial with which you can adjust for further work the thread tension. Don't forget to sweep parts before working on the machine, in the process, they did not move, but the product is not lost form.
When assembling parts with glue be sure to read the manual, and the strictly follow what is indicated on the tube. Place of bonding sand with fine sandpaper. Connect the parts together as tightly as possible and glue residue to remove the material immediately. The join gently with a hammer beat off and leave to dry for at least one day.
Knowing the basic time when working with materials such as fur and leather, you can create unusual and attractive products. Don't forget to decorate your things with various materials.
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