Read carefully the Charter of the garage cooperative. Usually in the standard constituent documents always indicated that one of the rights of a member of the cooperative is the ability to withdraw from it at any time. But in practice, you must first consider all the possible consequences.
If you have not fully paid the share contribution, all rights to belong to garage cooperative. Coming out of it, you will receive within two months after the end of the financial year all the money that had been made to the account of the unit. If the payment is fully repaid, but the right to property you have not made, you will also be refunded only listed you on the account of the cooperative money.
To exit the garage of the cooperative without much loss, pay the first unit, then please contact the FRS (EIRTS) and complete ownership of the garage. And only then, please contact the Chairman of the garage cooperative with a statement of withdrawal.
Once out of the cooperative will be approved at the General meeting of its members, submit application to the BTI on the subdivision of land on which is your garage. Otherwise, it may at any time carry, in accordance with article 622 of the civil code, which States that the Sublessee is obliged to return the land to its original form.
Contact the court if for any reason the municipality in which the cooperative leases the land or the co-op refuse to grant land. It is possible that the court will allow you to continue to enjoy the rights of a lessee or sub-lessee of land, where is your garage, although without a skilled lawyer such a thing is not easy to win.
Only when all the documents in the garage and the ground will you have on hand, enter into separate service contracts with security, janitors, mechanics and other technical staff of the cooperative.