You will need
  • — passport;
  • — certificate of ownership;
  • — cadastral extract from the BTI and the land Committee;
  • — agreement of purchase and sale;
  • — the act of transfer and acceptance;
  • — the statement in FPRZ;
  • receipt for registration;
  • — statement by the President (if the contributions for the garage is not paid).
If you want to purchase a garage in the co-op officially become its owner in the first place, see the documents available from the seller. To sell the property can only be owner. The right of ownership to the garage in the garageof Mr. the co-operative is registered on the basis of the submitted documents to FPRC.
Before registration, the owner must apply to the cadastral chamber, and at the BTI, obtaining a cadastral and technical documents on the property, to obtain extracts and apply to PPRC for registration of ownership.
In addition to the certificate of ownership to the seller the garageand the cooperative is obliged to obtain written consent from the spouse if he joined the cooperative, being in a registered marriage (article No. 34 of the RF, article 256 of the civil code). If the garage is decorated the right of ownership to several people, all of them must give notarized authorization (article No. 244 of the civil code).
Conclude with the seller the notary, or a written agreement of purchase and sale, execute an act of acceptance-transfer and call FPRC for registration of its ownership of the purchased garage.
If the garage do not have ownership, the purchase only means that you will become a member of garageco-operative tion, and you will go to the duty to pay membership fees. To document such a purchase, please contact the Chairman of the cooperative, which will gather General meeting of shareholders, tell them about your joining the cooperative. Then you have to write a statement to present a passport. Membership owner for the payment of the installments will renew you. That is, giving the money to the seller, you do not become the owner. You only pay for the portion of membership fees by paying them in one lump sum.
To formalize the right of ownership acquired a garage you will be able, after full payment of the membership fees when we do all the cadastral and technical documents.