Check the documents of ownership of the garage. They include a contract of ownership or lease of the land and ownership documents for the building itself. The building should have a technical and cadastral passport. If there are documents confirming your ownership, you can safely fight.
Require compensation for the demolished garage. Having the documents you are the owner and the garageand the land under it, so the investor must offer the alternative - either money or a new garage (article 239 of the Civil code). All transactions are issued officially. The cost of a garageas determined by independent appraisers.
Connect with users garageof her that are in the neighborhood. Together it is easier to fight for their rights. If you are a member of GSK (garagebut co-operative), GSK is a legal person and documents of ownership or use rights are issued to him. Inside GSK's possible the allocation of land to private ownership.
Give up the idea to defend the demolished garage, if you do not have it documented right. In this case, the garage is an act of spontaneous development and any stuck on the door a piece of paper would be a reason for alarm.
Pobespokoytes advance of a new garageor place to store the machine and all the rest. If you are the owner of temporary garageand try to take it to another location, otherwise the garage will be demolished. If you have a major garage - better to release him.