The complete documents on the liquidation of the cooperative, which will lead to the termination of its activity without transfer of rights and obligations in succession to other persons. To do this, collect General meeting of the members of the cooperative and make a report, which will indicate that the meeting took decision on liquidation of the organization.
Report on the elimination of the tax authorities for inclusion in the Unified state register of legal entities of information about what is the cooperative going out of business.
The General meeting of members of the cooperative, assign a liquidation Commission and establish the procedure and terms of liquidation.
Publish in the local newspaper about the termination of activity of the cooperative and that all claims, including accounts payable, must be sent to the Commission. Take steps to determining the creditors and collection of receivables.
At the end of the period intended for filing claims by creditors, liquidation Commission shall draw up the interim liquidation balance sheet containing information on composition of property of the cooperative, the list of creditors and their outcome. The interim liquidation balance sheet approved by the General meeting of the members of the cooperative.
If the funds available to the organization are insufficient to pay all claims of creditors, the liquidation Commission sells property of the cooperative auction. After completing all the payments to creditors, the Commission shall draw up the final balance, which must also be approved by a General meeting of its members.
Liquidation is completed, and the co – op- closed, if it is made a corresponding entry in the register.
If the meeting the decision can not accept, please see the statement of claim court. The process will be quick, if you can prove that mistakes were made when creating the cooperative, provided that these violations have ineradicable character. You can also reasonably refer to the fact that the organization carried out the activity without appropriate permission (or license), or is prohibited by law activities or has repeatedly violated the law.
Initiate bankruptcy, but in modern conditions this process is very complicated and always under the close supervision of regulatory authorities. Entrust Affairs of the practicing lawyer.
Housing and housing construction cooperatives can also end the activity by means of reorganization. The General meeting of members of the cooperative can be carried out the accession, merger or conversion of the cooperative.