Carefully read the organization's Charter, which must be prescribed procedure for exit members before you take the first steps. Then, in accordance with statutes, write the corresponding statement (a sample of such statements take the Chairman of the partnership , or download it from the Internet), register it and send a document for consideration by the chair. After making a decision on your matter will conclude a contract with horticultural usage and exploitation of public property (if any), utilities and roads. Be sure to keep copies of all documents.
Write a statement of withdrawal from the garden of the partnership, if the organization's Charter does not prescribe the way out of it. To register your application and wait for issuance of the corresponding decree within the period provided for by the Legislation of the Russian Federation. Then sign a contract about use of utilities, roads and existing public assets. Contact the court if there are disputes and disagreements.
Will receive in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation order of the public property transferred to the partnership by its members or property is equivalent to this amount, unless otherwise provided by the Charter of the organization in the case when the garden Association is a non-profit partnership. To do this, write the corresponding statement to the Chairman of the garden of the partnership, sign a document and wait for the ruling. If you are unable to solve the issue with the Chairman of the partnership, will appeal to court with the corresponding statement. Membership contributions made during the stay in the garden Association, you can not return because these funds are considered operating expenses and are non-refundable.