You will need
  • Documents on the organization of the cooperative and of construction;
  • - the initiative group;
  • - Bank account.
Will create an initiative group. Car owners should be interested in participating in the formal construction of the garage complex. Be sure to sign documentary the decision of the initiative group concerning creation of GSK.
Engage in the development of the Charter of garazhno-building co-op with your initiative group. The Charter will cover in detail issues that are related to the formation property of GSK and financial sources. You will have the opportunity to seek admission, membership, unit, target and other contributions. If you test difficulty in the preparation of the Charter should consult a qualified attorney.
Register the cooperative at the place of registration, once you have finished the design of the constituent documents. Put it in the prescribed manner on the account in tax inspection. Open a Bank account and account with the purpose of making equity contributions of members of the cooperative.
Make a deed of agreement for lease of land. Collect the necessary documents and submit them to the municipal authority for land use and urban planning. The list of documents in the various regions may differ.
Register a lease in Federal registration service. Wait for the verification of all documents the relevant authorities, will receive the cadastral passport. After that, you will be given a plot of land for construction of the garage complex.
Enclose the contract for design and construction services with a construction company. Once all construction works are completed, sign the contract for use of the building between the operating organization and the cooperative.
Complete ownership of the garage cooperative. This creates the relevant documents and submit them to the Federal registration service, where you will be given a special certificate.