Options for obtaining the garageand its possession and use can be many. For example, the design of the garageand to the rental, purchase, and construction. The most common form of garagetion is the construction of the garagebut building society or GSK, which is a consumer cooperative that is a non-profit organisation created on the basis of voluntary Association of citizens to jointly construct and operate a garageI. to create GSK, requires the participation of at least three people.
If you decide to cooperate with other owners to create GSK, first hold a General meeting about the establishment and activities of the cooperative, in which it endorsed the Charter and select the Chairman. During the meeting keep a Protocol in which indicate of the founders, the name and place of business of the cooperative, determine the size of shares, which will form the assets of the cooperative, that is a mutual Fund devoted to implementing garagetion of the construction and subsequent operation of the garagefor her.
To register you must make an initial contribution, which shall not be less than 10% of the approved size of the contribution. Pay legal costs in the amount of 4000 rubles and submit to the tax authority an application about registration in the prescribed form together with the Protocol and the Charter. After registration, the cooperative will contact the municipality for land acquisition for the construction of a garagefor her. The land is usually rented for long term. Then get the construction permit and start construction of the garageor her own forces or with attraction of construction organizations.
The owner built the garageand becomes a shareholder in GSK, will make a share contribution. Certificate of ownership previously issued for the forms are green, so they are called "green". To get the green paint in a garage, submit to the Department of the Federal registration service statement, a certificate issued by the GSK Chairman of the full payment of the contribution, technical data sheet on the garage and the receipt for payment of registration fee.