You will need
  • - plastic containers;
  • plastic bags;
  • - fridge with freezer.
Just baked a cake, pie or loaf immediately remove from pan, place on a wooden Board or platter and cover with a clean dry towel. The pie needs to "rest" — then he will be tasty and juicy and can be stored longer. Warm muffin cut into pieces and serve.
Buns, shanezhki and cheesecakes also need rest after the furnace. Do not put them all in a pile – spread the patties on a platter, so they do not stick together and will not warp under the weight of each other.
To preserve freshness of an open pie with a fruit or berries, fill it with sour cream, whipped with sugar. This cake will not dry to the same milk product is beneficial to accentuate the aroma and taste of berries. Sweet let the sauce soak in a little and then cut the cakes.
The remaining after-meal muffin fold in a plastic container with a lid or tie in plastic bags. In this form it is successfully stored until the next meal. Pack only the fully cooled cakes, otherwise it will become humid and the dough will lose taste.
Open pies cut into pieces and fold them in pairs, filling each other. High pie, wrap the individual pieces, otherwise the stuffing will fall out of them. For unit packing, use small packets for Breakfast. Wrap them to prevent the access of air and not allow the chunks become stale.
You want to preserve the cakes for a longer period? Place the plastic bags with the cakes in the fridge. Before serving, heat them in the oven or microwave. To placed in the microwave cakes are not moist, place them under paper towels. Heat only the scones you plan to have multiple cooling and warming will worsen its taste.
In the fridge the cakes are not stored more than a week. If you want to provide baked goods for a longer period, put it in the freezer. Wrap the cakes or pieces of pie in thin plastic bags or parchment paper piece. As such, the muffin can be stored up to six months. You can freeze like baked and raw cakes — their taste will remain unchanged in any case.