Most often dry out the patties with rice (buckwheat), potatoes, meat and sweet. Filling in a little liquid and fat. Moreover, in the dry patties between the filling and the dough are formed voids, which cooled the dough falls. It ruins all kind of pies. The stuffing should be dry. On the contrary, it should help the dough to become more luxuriant and softer by adding inside the fat. That's why potatoes and rice need to add fried onions (about a quarter of the volume), and, with butter, on which he was roasted. The meat must also be fried with onions. If you do not like onions, add the prepared stuffing 150 g soft butter and mash. The same can be done with sweet filling.

Ingredients for yeast dough

As for the test, it can be prepared from different ingredients. Can be used to test fresh milk, sour milk or even water and add the vegetable oil, butter or margarine, use dry yeast or fresh. Someone generally doesn't lay eggs. Each hostess your recipe. But the dough for soft pies and dry loose yeast cake is different. Also a different dough for fried pies from the fried dough for pies that are baked in the oven.

For pies need to take a greater quantity of eggs and butter (margarine). 500 g flour added 3 eggs, butter or margarine – 200 g sugar – two tablespoons salt – one teaspoon, 350 ml milk, 25 g yeast (if using dry – 6 grams). In this case, the dough will be dry and crumbly.

The pies, which, on the contrary, should be airy and melt in your mouth, preparing for another recipe. More lush will sour the cakes that are mixed for dairy products. Eggs in the dough for pies should put less. 500 g of flour and all of the above, the proportion of one egg. Sugar – one tablespoon. If pies with sweet filling – four spoon. But butter will need 300 g

Yeast cakes, fried in oil, it's best to knead the dough vegetable oil (half Cup per pound of flour).

Preparation of the dough

It is best to do the dough that is to give the yeast dough to rise several times. First razmeshivatsya yeast in warm milk with sugar (sugar whole milk – 50 g). Then the egg whipped with salt. Then add flour, then milk and melted (but not hot) butter. After all yeast is added. So the cakes don't dry out, beat the egg with the sugar or oil is impossible.

And the last secret to guarantee softness and splendor. Once you get the pies out of the oven, brush each brush on all sides with melted butter. Then put in a saucepan, cover with parchment paper, cover and allow to stand. These patties will be soft, not dry and will remain for a long time, not cherstveya.