Advice 1: How to thaw puff pastry is ready

To prepare puff pastry at home takes some time which is not each family. The lack of time the dough prefer to buy ready-made in stores. A conventional dough may be sold chilled, but puff is often frozen.
How to thaw puff pastry is ready
Defrost puff pastry for this operation should be treated with extreme caution. With the test it is necessary to apply very carefully – frozen layers when you expand can break. If thawing is carried out incorrectly, this test is unlikely to make good pastries.

Slow thawing

When there is enough time to defrost it is better to use gentle ways.

1. The dough to release from the packaging – this can be a film, foil or package. Put it on the Board or on a prepared Mat for rolling and leave, to lie down for. To expand or separate from each other the layers until complete thawing is not necessary – they can crumble, break down, and roll out the dough then it will be not very convenient. The room temperature will be sufficient to five hours. Only after thawing the dough can be safely deployed.

2. On the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to keep the dough overnight, unpack it when it is not necessary. It will thaw in about 10 hours. Even if the hostess plans change and cakes it would not do, the dough may lie more in the fridge a bit, the layers will not stick together.

How quickly defrost the puff pastry

For quick defrosting test experienced Housewives are ways, which are called "emergency" – trying to use them only when absolutely necessary. You should not use accelerated methods of defrosting Housewives who do not have much experience. In case of any mistake the dough becomes semi-liquid lump, on the outside covered with dry scab.

The dough is placed in a plastic bag and wrapped with a towel. Wrapped up it is necessary to put the warm battery. This method of thawing must only be used in extreme cases.

If special no rush, better to do so: frozen layer of dough to release from the packaging and place on a Board or plate battery, that is the heat source. At a temperature slightly higher than room temperature, it takes less than two hours, the dough was ready to continue working with him.

You should not defrost the puff pastry in the microwave. This operation requires some skill, a good result is not at all, and if a little mistake, you can receive a ready-made puff.

The best way to thaw puff pastry is to slow. When the dough will retain all its beneficial qualities, and the cakes will turn out fluffy and delicious.

Advice 2 : How to unfreeze a yeast dough

To reduce the time of cooking, many Housewives use the purchase test. Most often, this dough is found in frozen form. How correctly to defrost it?
How to unfreeze a yeast dough
You will need
  • - frozen yeast dough
Try to defrost the dough in the refrigerator. To do this, just put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and leave overnight.
Can thaw dough at room temperature. This process will take about 4 hours. First, the dough must be removed from the packaging. Put the chilled dough on a silicone Mat or cutting Board and leave the room.
Place the frozen dough in a plastic bag and immerse in warm water. So you can defrost the dough for a shorter period of time.
Use a microwave. Place the dough in it and select defrost. If such a function is not provided, set the power to 100 watts. The dough flip from time to time and watch his condition. Yeast dough must be removed from the microwave before it warms up.
Note that the safe for quality of the test is the natural way defrost, i.e. in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Therefore, if time allows, try not to use the microwave and warm water to defrost.
Store frozen yeast dough only in a freezer at a temperature no higher than -18 degrees. In such circumstances, the dough will remain usable at all for 3-6 months.
Useful advice
Buy frozen dough only in these stores, which have necessary conditions for storage of this product. Choosing this semi-finished product, pay attention to its hardness. The dough should be very firm. So you can be sure that it is stored at a suitable temperature and defrosts. The presence of bubbles indicates a secondary freeze-which affected product. Try to purchase products from proven, reputable manufacturers.

Advice 3 : How quickly defrost the dough

Some Housewives in order to save time on cooking, buy ready-made dough at the store, which is often frozen. Therefore, it is necessary to know how correctly and quickly it defrosted.
How quickly defrost the dough
One of the ways thawing test is to place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. It will be ready to use in 10-12 hours.
Remove the dough from the packaging, place on a cutting Board or silicone Mat and leave it out to thaw at room temperature for 4-5 hours.
For more than a short period of time you can defrost the dough, put it in a plastic bag and lowered into the warm water.
Defrost the dough by using a microwave oven. To do so, place it there and select "defrost". If your oven is not equipped with such function, set the power 80-100 watts. Periodically turn the dough and make sure it is not hot.
The most safe methods which will not affect the positive qualities of the test, are natural ways to defrost is in the refrigerator or at room temperature. So try not to use the microwave and warm water for this purpose.
Storage temperature of frozen dough in the freezer should be no higher than – 18 degrees. Only in this case it can be used for cooking in 3-6 months.
Never freeze the dough again, even if you are not fully used.
Useful advice
Purchase frozen dough only in those shops which provide special conditions for storage of this product. When you select the test, note the degree of freezing. The semi-finished product should be very rigid, then it is likely that he kept at the desired temperature and not subjected to thawing. In addition, if there are any swellings, to abandon such a purchase, most likely, the dough was frozen again. Buy this product only from trusted and reputable manufacturers.
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