Immediately after baking, while still hot, the pita bread is stacked and packaged. Moisture will it not evaporate, and the pita bread stays fresh for several days without losing its taste properties.
Freshly baked pita bread is elastic and soft, but when cooled down it starts to harden. This allows you to store it for a long time, "refreshing" before use.
Keep dry pita bread at room temperature. Wrap it in a linen cloth and put in a special bread box (wooden, plastic or metal). It is best to store the bread a wooden breadbox. Please note that plastic bags to store bread are not suitable, they are the bread molds quickly.
Keep the pita bread away from other products because it can absorb odors.
If you have purchased a moist pita, put it in a bag and store on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Make sure that the pita was sealed and the package does not leak the air.
For long-term storage, wrap pita in plastic wrap or parchment and place in the freezer. Before use, remove and directly in the film heat in the microwave for ten seconds.
To refresh the pita bread after long-term storage, pour into a pan of water and put it in the grill on the legs or another pot to a smaller volume, upside down. Put on top of pita bread. Then close the pan with a lid and put on medium heat. After boiling water in a few minutes the steam will soak the pita bread and it will become soft, after baking.
In Armenia in the preparation of lavash "in reserve" it is well dried in the sun, then stacked piles, carefully covered and kept in a special bread racks, reminiscent of the caskets. As needed we obtain the desired number of plates, put on a towel, just moisten each sheet with water with baking soda, then cover with a cloth or towel and leave for thirty minutes. The pita bread is soft, as if freshly baked.