Well, if you have a cooler bag, it easily will help keep fresh, frozen meat within a few days. Before you put fresh meat in storage, it must be cleaned from dirt and blood stains and cuts in the form of fringe, washed with water , the meat can not be in any case. Moreover, the large piece of meat will be preserved better.
Meat can be saved without the cooler. There are several ways of preserving meat. For example,the longer it is stored the meat in a vacuum pack.
You can also store the meat in vegetable oil. A piece of meat put in a bowl, pour cold boiled vegetable oil, coating them meat in full. Hot melted fat, prevents freezing put into it the pieces of meat from spoiling. Instead of vegetable oil can be used cold
boiled skim milk or whey.
You can also keep the meat cut into his pieces 20-30 grams salted, and fry in grease, the crust can longer be kept refrigerated meat.
Brushing a piece of meat with fat (vegetable or pork, beef or lamb), wrapped it in parchment paper. Hanging this piece in a cool place, you greatly increase the shelf life.
Pieces of meat the same way you can use vinegar and put in a cool place. For the safety of meat to pickle, for that pieces, pour salt, and allowing the brine to drain for 24 hours, then shake off the salt,and the meat pour boiling brine. It is prepared as follows: into a bucket of water , pour 100 grams of salt 2 grams of pepper, add 5 tablespoons of ammonium nitrate, 1 g Lavrushka and 5 grams of garlic. Keep salted meat in a cool place.
And on the road for 2-3 days, better to do so: pure dry meat hard freeze. Before going to wrap him up in a tight (Terry) towel and wrap with foil. To put all this in a vessel, for example in a bucket, and in a way. Put in a cool place and pakutavate to reduce the defrosting meat.