You will need
  • - fresh yeast;
  • - freezer.
Dry yeast is very easy to use and especially in storage. It is their advantage when the urge to bake something comes spontaneously. No need to run to the store, you can just get a small bag and make the dough. However, in germination they are significantly inferior to fresh yeast fungus that is a living organism, and drying him is not good. Some Housewives fundamentally used only fresh yeast.
And not everyone has the opportunity or desire to go get them in the store each time before baking. The best solution in this situation is to buy fresh yeast in stock. The required number of them is used directly for other purposes, and the rest you can freeze.
To make it easier, just send the yeast in the freezer until better times. Everything, nothing more needs to be done. The truth would be much better if you will slice a La carte pieces of 40-50 grams. In this case you'll not need to pick off from a large piece of debris, wondering how much exactly you will need.
Attivita yeast slowly. From sharp difference of temperatures the fungus may die, so take out the frozen piece, put it on a plate, put in the fridge overnight. Plate you'll need because during thawing yeasts secrete a small amount of fluid which later you will need to merge.
In General, the thawed yeast does not lose its qualities, but it would be better if you give them a little support before starting the dough. Mix them with a small amount of water, sugar and flour, wait until there is a high foamy cap and continue to work with them on, as usual. In addition, you will know that the yeast is alive and always will work.