You will need
  • -pies with berries
  • packages for freezing products
To save pies with berries for a long time, they need to freeze. Freeze in two ways. The first way is freezing the pie, which is not yet baked. So homemade cakes with a long lasting fresh taste. To do this, prepare the fruit filling according to the recipe, put it with a layer of cooked dough crust. Closing the top second cake layer, which make no cuts. Put pie with the berries in a bag to freeze and put into freezer. To bake frozen pie, remove it from the package and place in a baking pan. Make a few slits on the top crust and put a pie with the berries in the already heated oven. Prior defrosting is not required.
The second method of preservation freeze pies offers pies with berries already baked. After baking the cake needs to cool and put in a package for freezing products. To make the cake, it should hold at room temperature for about thirty minutes. Then put in oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes. And you can bring to the table.
Berry season ends fairly quickly. To bake pies with berries constantly, you need to prepare the berries for the filling in a season. What we are doing here? Take the berries, lay them on a flat dish and freeze. Then put in bags for freezing foods and put into the freezer. In a filling for cakes, you can add berries, previously they are not defrosting.