If you have purchased the meat of several types, be sure to keep them in separate bowls, covering with clingfilm or a plastic bag. It is important to avoid contact with other products and smells. Do not expose the re-freeze meat, because of this, the taste much worse. Therefore, immediately divide it into desired portions to avoid thawing and subsequent freezing.
The shelf life of ground beef depends on the degree of cooling, that is, the stuffing, the storage temperature is from +2 to +6 degrees, it is impossible to store more than 12 hours. Frozen at the temperature of 12 degrees can be stored for up to 30 days. To 3 months you can keep the meat frozen at a temperature of – 18 degrees.
If you have purchased frozen meat and thawed it, then use the product completely. The beef, which is Packed in a plastic container, do not open until such time as you do not need.
If you buy chilled beef and want to freeze it, then do it immediately, because chilled meat is very short shelf life. And you don't know how long he was on the shop counter. Freeze the meat in such portions that you will be able to use fully in the preparation of any dish. On each bag write the date of packing, this will help you to determine the degree of freshness and shelf life of the product.
Wanting from frozen meat to prepare a dish, defrost it in advance, about a day before cooking. In addition, to defrost the ground beef is recommended, placing it in the refrigerator, it will not allow bacteria to multiply as quickly as it occurs at room temperature. Yes, and the meat will be more fresh and juicy.