Try to gently stick your hand in already buttoned bracelet. If he freely hugs the wrist, elegantly hanging from it, this technique could work – then the problems with the daily fixing of the castle you will be able to avoid. But if the bracelet lends itself with difficulty, do not try to pull it at any price – you can break the thing.
The easiest way to fasten the sliding lock. Your task is to stick a flat rectangular rod in detail and fix it until it clicks. Wear the bracelet on left hand, placing the unbuttoned part on the inside of the wrist turned upwards. The middle finger of the right hand press the stationary part of the latch with your thumb and carefully slide the rod lock, guiding it to the open part of the clip. Try moving it along with the skin so the metal does not slip. Inserting the rod, tap it into the retainer until it stops. Pull the lock, making sure it is fastened securely.
Bracelets in the form of a strip or ring, is provided with a lock-loop fastened as well. Before you put it on your hand, try the lock, securing it a few times. Perhaps, for convenience, the loop will have to be increased. Uncompress it using chopsticks or fingers, if the metal of the bracelet is soft. Do not use metal tools that can scratch the castle. If the loop is too loose, gently squeeze it, otherwise the bracelet will be released spontaneously.
Conveniently adjusting the loop, try the bracelet on. Snap it on the back side to sepastia. Try to fix the loop, laying it in the connector and holding up the middle finger. Ring-mount move to the loop and lifting it out, throw it to an end. You can do otherwise – holding ring, put a loop on him. In this method, hold it by the connector down.
The most difficult option – a chain bracelet with an English castle. Links smooth glide on the skin, and the lock requires fixing with two fingers. To fasten such a thing, secure the free edge of the bracelet with tape, gluing it to the skin. One bar lock the bracelet and the other ring of the castle, so it does not shift. The forefinger and thumb of the right hand, open lock connector and hook them pinned ring. Make sure the clasp is closed and remove the tape. In the same way the bracelet is attached and undoing.