Take the ring that you need to reduce, to the jewelry shop. Determine how much you need to reduce the size of the ring — depending on this master will pick the most suitable way of correction.
Reduce the ring can be engraved with part of it, or squeezing on a special machine. Compression only works on not very wide rings if your ring wider than 8 mm, you will need to cut part of the ring and connect it again, bent on a special machine and sapav joint. Irregularities of the joint can be smoothed using good and even.
To determine ring size, use a special meter that has all the jewellery shops wear a pin on the workpiece with the marking of different sizes and determine which one suits you. Also measure the ring caliper.
After determining the size, the wizard placed the ring on the burner, let cool and set in a special device for compression on the anvil. After the first compression ring is removed and inserted the other party, to the size of the ring was the same with both edges.
After achieving the desired result, the ring is transferred to the machine using a special roller to restore the original texture of the ring. After that, the ring is polished, performs the final touches of finishing.
If the ring requires in addition to improving the appearance of defects — bruises, scratches, distortion, and similar damage, a ring be placed on a device called "Rigel", which will correct the original shape of the ring, then the ring must be brought to readiness sanding and finishing.