Gold has excellent plasticity, so the size of the gold ring can be relatively easy to change, reducing or increasing one or two sizes. To carry out this procedure in house conditions even in the presence of suitable tools is not recommended because in unskilled hands, the jewelry can be irreparably deformed.
The most common way of increasing the size of the ring – mechanical. The wizard first checks what the true size of a product, then determines the amount by which you must increase. After measurement, the ring is treated with a flame. When it cool down, put on a special bolt. Using the clip corresponding to the profile of the product, the ring is stretched to the required size. Remains to align the ends and sanded the ring to its original Shine.
There is a more time consuming way of increasing the size of the ring. In this case, increasing it by inserting a piece of metal of similar fineness. The formation of the junction, where the superimposed pieces of material and carefully probivaetsya when heated by the flame heaters. The updated product is then bleached, dried and carefully treated with a jeweler's needle file to clean up possible projections and depressions.
The choice of a particular method, the experts always come from the size of the ring. For thin products the most suitable simple mechanical stretching. If the ring is massive and thick, it is easier and safer to use the method insert. In the simplest case, when the ring need to increase by only a fraction of a millimeter, sometimes just chiseled the inside surface, removing a thin layer of metal.
If the ring has an insert in the form of stones, their before work often dismantled. This is done in order to reduce the risk of stone stresses, which may lead to irreversible deformation. After increasing the size of the ring the stones are easily inserted into place, properly securing.