Advice 1: What to do if the ring a little

Sometimes women are faced with such a nuisance, as a wrong ring size. This often happens when the appliance is not buying the woman, and the husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. What do you do if you bought the ring was not enough for you?
What to do if the ring a little
The most common and safe way out of this situation is to return the ring to the store where it was purchased. This option is feasible only in the case when you or your donor had left a check. It should be remembered that not all shops accept jewelry or jewelry back. If the store provides return policy, you'll be able to return the money spent or to choose the ring size (sometimes you have to pay for another product).

How to remove the little ring at home?

If you're wearing the ring and, after wearing for some time, I realized that it is not enough for you, as soon as possible to remove it with finger. Just try to steal it – even if the ring is less than 1-1,5 the size of your finger, it can be removed this way.

Also, there are times when you will need handy tools for removing small rings. For example, well-established water and soap. You will need to lather a small amount of soap and apply it on your finger soap will help reduce resistance and moisturize the skin. Then you can safely remove the ring. Using cold water also can remove the ring. For this you need to hold the hand in cold water for ten minutes, then quickly lift the brush up so that the blood flowing from the finger. You can then remove the ring.

Well-proven method of removing the ring with silk thread. Need to take about 1 m of the yarn, thread it into a thin needle and slowly push under the ring from the side of the nail. Then you tightly wrap the other end of the thread finger so that the coils are well adjoined to each other without forming gaps. To remove the ring, gradually pulling, the end of the thread from under the ring. This method is ideal in cases when the ring is not otherwise removed.

Severe cases

Sometimes the smallest ring it is simply impossible to remove with fingers – this is especially noticeable when after long manipulations for lifting the ring finger starts to swell and even turn blue! In this case, it is impossible to lose! If you failed to remove the ring yourself, not even worth it to keep trying – you can only hurt. Immediately call the emergency situations Ministry specialists will help you to remove the ill-fated ring that could cause serious harm to your health (there were cases when from-for not taken off on time ring . Sometimes poor women and men bring themselves to crush syndrome, the outcome of which was tissue necrosis of the finger wearing his ring.

To be safe, be sure to contact for urgent help. Even such a trifle as not removable ring, may entail serious consequences. When you arrive the staff of the Ministry, it is likely that they will use special tools snips, wire cutters, etc. the Ring is often distorted, if not find another way to release your finger. Depending on severity, the traces from the small ring will bother the person about 1-1. 5 weeks.

Why ring is not enough?

In addition to incorrectly chosen ring size, the reason can be banal swelling of limbs (often observed in such diseases as kidney disease, thyroid disease, etc.). Therefore, if you find swelling, should remove the ring and not wear it until then, until you cure or reduce swelling. When absolutely necessary, you can put a ring in a couple of hours (not more) in the case of the image on the celebrations.

Advice 2: How to remove a ring from swollen finger

Hands often swell up, and remove the ring fails. Suffer useless to remove it simply did not happen. In order to remove a ring from swollen finger there are little tricks that are easy to make at home.
How to remove a ring from swollen finger
The easiest way to remove the ring soap.

To apply a little liquid soap on your finger and RUB. To try to remove the ring.

Instead of soap you can use vaseline, hand cream or vegetable oil.
With the help of threads and needles.

Take a thick linen thread and a large needle. The thread to thread the needle.

You need to stick a needle eyelet below the ring at the base of the finger towards the nail.

As soon as the thread appeared on the reverse side to catch her and almost fully extend.

Begin to wrap the thread finger. Once the finger is wrapped, you need to take the tip of the thread on the back side, and start unwinding the thread by moving your finger around. The ring must be removed.
How to remove a ring from swollen finger
To remove the ring using cold water.

Dip my toe in icy water and soak five minutes.

After five minutes remove your finger from the water and hold, lifting his hand up. Swelling should gradually subside and the ring will be removed.
Extreme way – to saw.

If you remove the ring fails, then there is only one way to saw it. But to cut the ring is not as easy as it seems, can damage the skin.

You can try to compress the ring with pliers and try to crush him. But this should be done very carefully as it can damage the finger.

If the ring is removed, you can restore its appearance in the jewelry shop.
If all methods of taking the ring did not help, then you should go to the hospital, you may help by assigning a diuretic to the swelling went down, and it was possible to get rid of the ring.
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