A chronograph is a special device that allows you to count the time by comparing the start and end of specified intervals. The first chronographs were very complex mechanisms, which literally drew the time on paper. The uniqueness of the chronograph is not in their ability to calculate time, and the ability to record very small it spaces, which is why the device – especially in today's tiny – so loved by watchmakers.

Often working chronograph Central hand showing seconds. And that's the main difference of this device from the stopwatch in that it can be used to count the required period of time and not need to switch the dial, therefore, will not interfere with the regular functioning of the clock mechanism, because the dial still shows the time and the chronograph will continue counting.

Chronograph in hours

To control the chronograph, you can learn in a jiffy. Often in hours provides only one single control button, so the rules of use are as follows.

The first time the button is pressed, it runs as a seconds and minute hand begins. Pressing the control button, the chronograph stops and records the length of time which has been counted. If it is pressed for the third time, the arrows will just go back to the starting position.

In addition, there is a clock mechanism, equipped with two buttons. The first of them either starts the countdown, or stop him, and the second one is needed to reset and return the shooter to the starting position.

It's also worth saying that are available and timepieces with chronographs that have a variety of additional functions. So, for example, the "fly-back" has the reset button the machine starts again the countdown. When you purchase a clock mechanism with the function "monopoussair" one button can realize the switch with the meter.

Today especially popular are the modern devices with chronograph and various functions. And the invention of the chronograph, and use it in the movement have made such a counter is simply irreplaceable for people involved in sports, carrying goods, travelers and hikers.