You will need
  • - ice;
  • - clay;
  • ointment "Rescuer";
  • gel "Troxevasin";
  • - warmer;
  • - capsicum plaster;
  • - decoctions of herbs.
The best option that gives the possibility to limit the appearance of significant bruising is cold. Applying a cold object (and best of all-ice) will reduce the vessels; accordingly, reduced the intensity of the output blood. The damaged place is cool you need no more than 5 minutes, especially in areas with delicate skin. But it will give a positive effect only when cold is applied immediately after the formation of the bruise. Repeat the procedure after a two hour break at the same time to prevent frostbite, most importantly - time control.
Good effect of applying to the hematoma ordinary clay regardless of its color. Compress it apply three times a day and maintain it for about two hours.
Will help to quickly get rid of the resulting hematoma of various specialized creams that can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. Popular drugs a "Lifesaver" and "Caffeine". In order to avoid allergic reactions and other side effects before applying them necessary to carefully study the manual. Pay special attention to contraindications.
To accelerate the process of resorption of hematomas will allow thermal effects. It will speed up the blood circulation in the affected area. But use the heat to warm places, where there was a hematoma, to avoid deterioration of the situation, is only possible on the second day after the injury. Ideal for this purpose, you can use a warm heating pad. Can be applied capsicum plaster, but it requires caution as it can cause irritation or a painful burn.
To accelerate resorption of the bruise will help lotions from brewed herbs. For this purpose, suitable mother-and-stepmother, calendula, St. John's wort. Good effect gives the use of packs of powder concoctions.
As a rule, after the procedure, the hematoma is significantly reduced, become less noticeable, but for the complete disappearance needs some time. To hide the remnants of prisosalsya hematoma, is to use a powder that has a yellowish shade, or tonal basis. Away from problem areas on the face will help to distract the expressive line of the lip that is accented by glitter.