If you got hit under the eye, then the most appropriate action is to attach to the site of injury a bag with ice. If ice is not at hand, suitable tin. Attach it to the cheek. To the eye while applying is not worth it.
Hematoma under the eye may be associated with damage to the nose. A symptom of this can be bleeding from the nose. In this case, it is impossible to blow your nose. The air can get under the skin, and the eyes of even more "go". This advice give yourself a professional boxers who know firsthand the problem. Also advised not to take aspirin, it prevents the blood clot and at the site of injury may receive a large blood swelling.
If you were not able to intercept the formation of black eye, this injury will lead to more swelling. With them you can help to fight the special ointment on the basis of the heparin acid, extract of freshwater sponge, chestnut, leech saliva. These funds not only relieve the swelling with the tissues, but will not allow the emergence of the bruise, if you just started the treatment.
When you remove the swelling, you will have to compete only with yourself bruise. He first blue, then black, then yellow, and gradually eroding. And if the first day of his heat is contraindicated, then the next day you need to enhance blood flow to the bruised tissues to the blood faster brought dead cells, clearing the skin from the inside. To do this, use a hot water bottle.
Without treatment, the bruise will pass like a cold a week and a half. With the right treatment much earlier. By the way, the skin under the eye is the thinnest on the body, so a bruise appears much brighter than in other parts of the body. But going faster.