To connect to a wireless network you must activate and properly configure the Wi-Fi adapter of the mobile computer. Click "start" and go to properties under "Computer". Locate and open the menu "device Manager".
Expand submenu the "Network adapters" and locate the device is designed to work with the Wi-Fi channel. If this equipment is disabled, click on its name, right-click and select "Insert". Make sure that next to the name Wi-Fi adapter, no exclamation marks. This means that for this device installed all necessary drivers.
Sometimes to activate the Wi-Fi adapter you must press certain keys on the laptop. Perform this step. Click on the icon local area networks located in the system tray. In the ensuing menu, select the desired network and click "Connect".
If the network is password protected, enter it in the window that appears and press Enter. Wait for a connection to an access point of a wireless network.
If you need to connect to a network that works in hidden mode broadcasting, independently set its parameters. Open the control center network and sharing. Select menu "Manage wireless networks".
Click "Add" and select "Create network profile manually". Fill in the table. Specify the parameters with which currently you need an access point. Click "Next".
In the new window, click "Connect" and wait for connection to network equipment. Check the network activity. Try to open shared files or perform other operations on network PCs.