On the laptop wireless connection enables a specific key combination. Usually it is Fn + F2. To connect to the Internet you need to search for specific access points. On a personal computer to connect to Wi-Fi only if you have a special removable device. Ask consultantdue the periphery of Wi-Fi devices for the personal computer. Prices may be different, however, mainly depends on the radius of the reception signal.
Once the device is purchased, unzip it and paste to the USB drive. If you have your computer has USB 3.0, then insert the Wi-Fi there. The computer system will automatically detect the new device. Also included is a CD with drivers. Insert it in the drive and install all the drivers. Next, restart the computer to save everything in the system was recorded. After a reboot the tray icon will appear which will show the status of Wi-Fi.
Go to "control Panel". This can be done using the shortcut "My computer". Next, click the shortcut called "Wireless networks". Here are all the settings that relate to technology W-Fi and Bluetooth. Click the "Enable Wi-Fi".
After that, wireless technology will be active, but to connect to the Internet is impossible, because you need to look for a special access point that can be locked with a password, so unauthorized persons are unable to enter the system and automatically connect to connection. To do this, click "Find a new connection". The system will automatically begin to scan access points that are in range.
If such systems are discovered, try to scan elsewhere. Once a connection is found, try to connect. As practice shows, in some cafes and educational institutions used the free access points that allow you to connect to the Internet. To find a list of places in the Internet using search engines.