You will need
  • - Wi-Fi router;
  • - network cable.
Select and buy Wi-Fi router, which is able to create wireless networks that can connect your laptop. You must pay attention to the basic parameters of network devices: types of radio security.
Connect wifi router to AC power and turn on the equipment. Find the WAN or Internet connector and connect it to cable Internet access. Now, using a network cable, which usually comes as standard equipment, connect the LAN port of the router and the network card of the laptop.
Turn on both devices. After the download the laptop, start the Internet browser. Fill in the field enter url, entering the IP address of Wi-Fi router. Press the Enter key. After opening the settings menu, network equipment, navigate to WAN (Internet).
Setup Internet connection in the same way as you would do it, setting up a direct cable connection. Don't forget to set the checkboxes next to the items DHCP, Firewall and NAT to activate them. Click Save or Apply to save your settings.
Now go to Wi-Fi (Wireless Settings). Configure the wireless parameters of the access point, specifying the following information: SSID (Name), security type, radio type, and password. Enter a complicated password to prevent hacking of your wireless network.
Save the settings created by the wireless access point. Restart Wi-Fi router by unplugging it for a few seconds from AC power. Wait for the router to establish a connection with the server. Check out activity Internet connection.
Disconnect the network cable from the laptop. Activate search access points Wi-Fi. Connect to your newly created wireless network. Make sure that the Internet connection is active and stable.