In that case, if the user will not be able to find and turn on the Wi-Fi adapter, it will not be able to connect to the Internet. On laptops, including HP WiFiadapter is the only way to connect to the Internet.

The inclusion of the WiFi adapter on HP laptops

Wi-Fi adapter each individual brand of computer is different. Most often, in order to enable WiFi adapter, you need to press some combination of keys (FN+...). Less the inclusion of the adapter is carried out by pressing only one button. In addition, the method of incorporating Wi-Fi are completely different on each model.

For example, in the case of HP, the solution is just a few clicks on the keyboard. In other cases, it may be a little different. Often on laptops the HP series, WiFi can be enabled only by swiping your finger on the touch button with a picture of a small antenna connected. In some cases, to connect to the Internet will be possible by pressing a certain key combination is FN and F12. On other models of HP brand laptops enable WiFi-adapter is the most common touch of a button with the image of the antenna.

The connection of the WiFi adapter on laptops of other brands

As mentioned above, the inclusion of Wi-Fi adapter can be made in different ways, depending on the model and brand of laptop. To find out how it's done on laptops of other brands, need to read the manual for the machine (the user manual is attached to every computer).

As for the connection with the keyboard shortcuts (FN+...), in most cases this is the method. In addition, this function button can perform other operations. If you don't see on my laptop such a function button, it is likely that the wireless Internet connection you have is any other method described above (you must click on a special switch or to use another button for this).