Create a network on one of the laptops. The working principle of Wi-fi requires a host, i.e. the master device of the network. For example, it may be the router wireless. And in your case, when there are only two laptops, a host must become one of them. What kind of computer is a "server" fundamental difference has not. Open "control Panel" and select "Network connections" — if you are working with Windows XP. If your laptop is not disabled wi-fi connection, you will see an icon labeled "Wireless connection" in network connections. If the icon is grey, i.e. inactive, or it is not, power on the notebook. Need a button labeled antenna and is highlighted by the light.
Right-click on the connection icon and select Properties. A window will open with information about the connection, it will scroll to the bottom and "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and click "Properties". Check "Use the following IP address" and enter the address for your laptop, for example Specify the subnet mask as and save by clicking on OK. Then click the tab "Wireless networks" and click "Advanced". You will see a window with three options select the type of network, select "Network the computer-computer" and click "Close".
Click "Add" at the bottom of the window on the tab wireless networks. A window will open where you have to enter a name for the network, this is done in the field next door. For one-time or infrequent connections undo the encryption and network protection — choose "Open" and "Disabled" in the fields below the network name.
If you plan to frequently use the network, then select the option to check, i.e. "Enabled" and enter the network password in the appropriate field. Be sure to record the password key, without it you cannot connect to your network. When you have finished entering data, click OK in all Windows. The network is created, it remains only to connect a second laptop.
Open the folder "Network connections" on the second laptop. Double-click the wireless connection icon to open the preview window and search networks. Click "Refresh network list" and double-click the row with the desired SSID — name of the created network. If you specified a password for your network in the setup process, you will need when you connect the second laptop to enter the password. After a few seconds the connection will be established.
If not, configure the IP address of the "slave" laptop manually. To do this, right-click on the connection icon, select "Properties" and specify the IP address as the first laptop. One caveat — the last digit should be different, for example, if you on the "network Server", "client" should be After the IP address changes then restart the laptop.