You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • - access point wi-fi network;
  • browser.
Make sure that you are within range of a wi-fi network. To inform visitors to cafes, shopping centres, halls at the airport with this purpose, a pointer is a Wi-fi Zone and Wi-fi.
Turn on the laptop and wait until your operating system.
Make sure that the adapter's wireless networking is enabled. About it as informs the light located on the front of the laptop. As a rule, it has the icon of wireless networks. In some models there is no separate switch. Then this function performs one of the keys F1-F12 located at the top row of the keyboard. It is printed on the graphic pattern of the antenna icon.
After the adapter wireless networks the laptop itself will find all available networks in the area which is. In the lower right corner on the task bar icon will appear in the available wireless networks. Click on it to see the list. Select the desired wi-fi network and click "Connect".
If the wi-fi network open access, for example, in a cafe, hotel, will open the login window with information about the institution or network, and specify how to access.
If the wi-fi network of the closed type, the screen will be a request for security key. In this case, you must contact the administration of the institution to provide you a login and password to provide access.
When the connection is established, open your browser, type at the command prompt, the address of the desired website and go to it.